January 18, 2009

You guys are awesome!

I've gotten so much love and encouragement from my friends since I posted my update last night. You all are SO awesome! It's great to have such wonderful and supportive friends :o)

I finally got some of my onesie shirts, and a pair of cute girlie flared jeans that I made, on ebay tonight, and a bunch of the boys' clothes that no longer fit. I'll be doing the girls' next week, if I have time :o) I'm hoping the onesies do well and I can continue to make them. I still have to wait for my SSL certificate so I can open up my online store. I do plan on making them up to adult sizes but need to get some fabric to do it. With the kids' shirts I can just take bigger shirts and make them smaller but with the adult ones I'll have to add a panel to make them long enough.

Hubby found about 10 jobs to look into tomorrow and see if he can find something that he can do. He wants to stick with sales because that's what he does best. Maybe something like medical sales would be a better match for him. We'll see... I'm not too worried about him because he's very smart, and very ambitious :o) He'll do what he has to do to make it work, just like I will.

I'm off to bed :o)

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  1. You might consider posting your things on etsy as well. It's a great site for handmade items and there are only a couple of stores on there for special needs children, so someone needs to fill the niche! Best of luck to you. :)