January 25, 2009

Here are some onesie shirts that I have available...

UPDATE: Website is complete. Visit www.beedos.com
Don't see what you need, just click "contact" and let me know :o)

I've lost my patience with waiting for my website to get done :o) Every time I think I'm close to it I run into another hurdle.
SOOOO, here are 6 shirts that I have available right now. They are $18 each and that includes shipping within the continental US. Here are pics of the ones available, along with the details. I changed my process of making them so that the size of the shirt stays the same and I just added the snap crotch to it. This seems to work the best because it maintains the size and you won't have to measure to know if it will fit or not.
If you are interested in ordering one just email me and let me know what you want and I'll send you a paypal invoice. 1st come 1st served, but I will be making more. I will ship within 24 hours of payment.
I make these shirts for my daughter and they are SO nice to have. They snap easily, stay snapped, keep her shirt tucked in while allowing for a little blousing out above her pants, and keep her hands away from her diaper. Plus she looks just like every other kid in school because you can't see the white part that's hidden in her pants and she has the same shirts on that they all wear. They make having a special needs or handicapped child or adult, so much easier to dress, and keep dressed :o)

#1 is a yellow boys size XS (4/5) polo shirt - shoulder to crotch length=25.5"

#2 is a dark brown size Small boys long sleeved shirt - shoulder to crotch length= 27.5"

#3 is a dark navy and charcoal grey size XL boys long sleeved shirt - shoulder to crotch length=34"
#4 is a boys white size XL long sleeved shirt - shoulder to crotch length=36.5"
#5 is a pink girls size 14.5/16.5 plus sized short sleeved shirt - shoulder to crotch length=29"
#6 is a pink/multi girls size XL (14/16) short sleeved shirt - shoulder to crotch length=30"

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  1. Those are really really cute. You have an awesome idea, my dear!!