April 17, 2009

It's Friday!

Friday is always SO exciting for kids. Mine were supposed to have Wednesday off from homeschool but we decided to work on Wednesday and save our off-day for today. P had PT, OT, and SPL at Gillette this morning so Grandma came over to babysit and the other 3 played outside with her all morning. Then I got home around 11:30 and had to eat quick and head out the door to the social security office. I got home from there around 4:45. Hubby made grilled cheese for supper with corn and fruit. Then I went outside and started working on the garden. I noticed that the darm deer broke off almost all of the brances on my apple trees. I'm so sick of those darn deer!!!!! I'll have to get some fence to put around them. Then I went through the garden with my hoe and flattened out some gopher holes - dam them gophers too, lol. I also knocked down some bigger weeds. Then my neighbor came over to chat and nothing else got doen after that, lol. I came in at 8:00 when it started cooling off. We have to get a bunch of garden work done with weekend to get it ready to plant in a couple of weeks. I think I'm going to layer it in newspapers, cut holes to plant in, and then use alfalfa on the paths to help control the weeds. We'll see how it goes. It has to be better than the mess I had last year. The manure fertilized the weeds and grass and my garden was almost lost in it all. I don't have time to spend hours picking weeds every day so I just left it. Hopefully this new way will work better. We'll see.....

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